Thursday, 23 April 2015

The Slang - Slang - EP Review

The Slang have released their debut self-titled EP, of power rock or an epic sound, with interestingly cool songs.

There is a certain '60's picking guitar style that introduces you to Far From Over, though it soon enters that anthem energy.

Whether you enjoy your job or not, it all Feels Like Work, yes listen and you'll understand what work is really about.

If you didn't know, you'll be enlightened in the effortless One Step At A Time.

Rule The World is quite an ambiguous song that will mean different things, which is pretty cool as it lets you see things the way you see them.

Those thoughts and feelings that need to be figured out in Find A Way, which has a great synth sounding lead guitar that puts the icing on the cake, on the finishing song.

The Slang EP is available @ iTunes

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