Saturday, 30 August 2014

The Levin Brothers - Levin Brothers - Album Release

The Levin Brothers have released their debut album together as a group.

The self titled album is billed as a 50's cool jazz musical journey.

Ones imagination runs into the classic black and white films, the cool breeze in the air exaggerating the steam coming from under the road network, and of the walkways being stomped on from the millions of people going about their business. Those classic American cars busily driving down the straight-wide roads of notable cities like Chicago and New York. The you get towards the evening with the many jazz clubs, which you would hear the sounds of piano keys being played at different speeds, the strokes of the brush drum sticks, the bassists hammering up and down the strings at both ends giving you a wooden vibration sound, and wind instruments such as trumpets, and saxophones lightly breezing the sound through the air.

The Levin Brothers capture these images with sound so precisely that you forget that you're living in these modern times. Even so you expect to put on your two toned shoes, and suit of the '50's cultural enlightened era.

Just to give you a taster of the album, which has fourteen tracks ranging from these examples, Bassics a very rich sonic affair, Not So Square Dance is a fast frantic instrumental, and then you have Mysterioso that is a more laid-back lounge jazzified number. Tracks that add a certain twist to the Jazz genre are - I Got Your Bach, and Gimme Some Scratch. You get the idea in words but if we were to explain too much it would lose the most important meaning, which is, 'What does it mean to you!' There are two bonus tracks in download only form - Brookline Boyz, and Fishy Takes A Walk, hopefully to the nearest decent jazz joint.

The Levin Brothers are professional musicians and play with the best in the music industry. So for them to be able to record an album together for the first time, we as music fans have been blessed into really getting to the heart of what drives them as musicians. We would hope of listening to more music by the Levin Brothers, but both are very busy with their projects and commitments it may be a very long wait. But still at least we have their debut album to play endlessly.

The Levin Brothers album is available @ Lazy Bones Recordings 

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