Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Herod - Exclusive Interview with Clown Magazine

What is the background of your album release? 

We're inspired by the cult of Luna, breach, meshuggah, and converge, intensity, darkness and power. No real message to deliver, but a strong statement about our sick world. People don't even know anymore why their heart is bleeding. I don't think that wealth, richness, and being better than his neighbour are the real meanings of happiness. 

What's been your journey from the bedroom to the idea or dream? 

Pierre deserves what's happening to Herod now. He started the journey back in 2006, and worked on it, kept faith in the possibility of making things. Eight years later here we are! Herod has been desired from all of us for a long-time, since we started the band! 

What keeps you going as a musician, and as a band? 

The need. 

Where do you want to be in the future, and where do you want your band to end-up?

I'd like to end-up being sure that every single person on this planet, that could feel something through our music, get the chance to listen to it once. 

Anything you want to tell the world, in your own words? 

I'm glad to see that music is still one way of communicating in the real world. That people are not afraid to talk to each other. It might be selfish, but the fact that people come ti us at the end of the show to say what they felt, like if it was a need for them to share it straight away, is really giving me hope that individualism might not win in the end. 

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