Thursday, 31 March 2011

Our new 24th Edition of Clown Magazine!

Hello and welcome,
It's been sometime since we've logged into our Blogger account, and boy we've missed Blogger, so sorry Blogger and the rest of the community from not being a Blogger more often.
Okay so we've finally got our first edition number 24 visit to be precise, this year! So what have we been doing with our time this year!
Well apart from the dreaded snow, we have been upgrading our software, and also computers too! Because we are going to be moving and progressing our magazine further this year, YER! And in order to do these exciting new projects we need better software and hardware.
So now the stage is set for this year and we are back on course to deliver more news and features from the world of entertainement.
Thank you and we'll be having some friends joining us on Blogger highlighting there causes in the entertainment field, which can only mean one thing, better entertainment!
Cheers and take care for now,
Jack Dorrington
Clown Magazine

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